WATERLOO helps you manage
the entire water meter lifecycle.

Für die große administrative Aufgabe des Zählertausches und der Ablesung haben wir gemeinsam mit Wasserversorgern eine einzigartige Lösung entwickelt. WATERLOO hilft Ihnen, diese Prozesse effizient zu gestalten!

WATERLOO for meter exchange.







for Android and iOS

By post or
local submission in person

WATERLOO chatbot “Splashy”,
available directly on the municipality website

web form,
accessible directly at www.zählerstand.io

24h hotline
for submission of
meter readings

About 30% savings...

… has a municipality with 1000 water meter connections each year.

How much savings potential do you have in your municipality?

Your advantages with WATERLOO

The ideal tool
for technicians
for billing
for residents
Birgit Lerchster
Municipality accounting for the town of Bad Gastein
waterloo quote
Success with WATERLOO.
There's always somebody there to help.
That's something we haven't been used to.

Lesen Sie hier in Kürze, wie die Gemeinde Bad Gastein Zählertausch und Ablesungen über WATERLOO organisiert.


Selbstablesung mit PRONTO

A straightforward, stress-free solution for self-reporting of meter readings

Do you make use of self-reporting schemes to collect meter data, but find the process to be less straightforward than you’d like? A small change might be all that’s needed. The practice of requesting meter readings from residents via “reading cards” is widespread: around 85% of all water companies, municipalities and water associations in Germany […]

WATERLOO revolutionises self-monitoring by water suppliers

At the time of publishing this post, the concept of “self-monitoring” is already five years old. That’s the same amount of time for which Symvaro has been working on its own simple, slick and smart solution for self-monitoring by water suppliers. Read on to find out more!   What needs are we trying to meet? […]

Experience the advantages of WATERLOO with a trial

How many of us would buy a car without taking it for a test drive? We believe that testing is indispensable – and our existing customers think so too. All of them tested WATERLOO, our software for digital water meter management, before committing to a purchase. Experience the benefits of WATERLOO – get started today!  Staff […]

We’re working towards a major goal:
to revolutionise water management.

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New partner

Synergie Kommunal

Die Synergie Kommunal aus Hessen in Deutschland ist als allumfassender Berater für kommunale Organisationen ein perfekter Ansprechpartner. Auch sie haben den Mehrwert von WATERLOO und WATERLOO Control für Wasserversorger schnell erkannt und beraten gerne darüber. Wir sind froh und dankbar zugleich, so einen tollen Partner auf unserer Seite zu wissen.
From the inside


Rudolf ist Informatiker und Unternehmer aus Leidenschaft. In den vergangenen 10 Jahren hat Rudolf Unternehmen gegründet, Produkte kreiert und viele Projekte gestartet, die unser Leben einfacher machen. 2010 gründete er Symvaro, um die Wasserwirtschaft und Abfallwirtschaft einfach, schnell und günstig zu digitalisieren. Er möchte von Kärnten aus Wasserversorger weltweit ins digitale Zeitalter führen.

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Join the many municipal administrations who are already using WATERLOO to optimise and simplify their water management – and in doing so, improving the service for their residents.

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  • Bad Schallerbach
  • Grafenstein
  • Langquaid
  • Rum
  • Schechen
  • Viechtach
  • Villach
  • Wasserverband Schneebergland