WATERLOO. A unique solution.

We’ve worked with water providers to create a unique solution that removes the administrative burden of meter exchange and reading. WATERLOO helps you manage these processes efficiently!

Easy to use

Manage all water meters online from the start to the end of their service lives: our software provides an intuitive solution.

Customer integration

Increase customer satisfaction by providing a convenient app, web portal and hotline.

Maximum efficiency

Our solution enables you to save up to 80% of the resources required for conventional meter reading and exchange.

Meter exchange with WATERLOO.

All water meters must be exchanged following the expiry of the calibration validity period mandated by your national government.

Our meter reading module for municipal technicians means you can wave goodbye to unnecessary paperwork.

  • Manage routes online
  • Immediate feedback regarding unusual deviations in demand
  • Automatic comparison with and validation of user-reported readings
  • Can be managed completely via the WATERLOO Management Centre
Tablet for technicians

Our robust tablet for use by technicians is shockproof and splash-proof, enabling technicians to work without restrictions and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.


Customisable checklists help you ensure that everything is as it should be! Checklist items like “Is the meter easily accessible” and “Does the meter have a seal?” help technicians to reliably document the conditions in individual households.

Plausibility checking

Our plausibility checking tool runs continuously in the background and reports discrepancies as soon as they occur. This helps you avoid errors arising from transposed numbers. It also helps you identify unaccounted-for water consumption (e.g. due to leaks or pipe breakages) at an early stage and eliminate the possibility of microbial contamination in cases of zero consumption.

Route management

Our intuitive route management function enables you to create smart routes for meter exchange. You, your staff and your residents save time as a result of optimised planning.

Photo documentation

Create photo documentation of old and new meter readings to avoid unnecessary disputes or follow-up investigations. Technicians can also document conditions at the site of the meter, ensuring that all relevant information about installation equipment, accessibility and meter location is safely stored for future reference.

QR codes
QR code recognition

Thanks to the QR code, the technician on site can read the meter simply by scanning it with the tablet. In this way, the transposition of numbers is avoided and the quality of data automatically increased.

Customer acknowledgements

You have the option to have the meter exchange confirmed by signature. The acknowledgement form can be sent to residents automatically by email.


Use WATERLOO to quickly and easily arrange appointments with residents, ensuring that technicians aren’t left standing in front of a locked door.

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User-reported readings with WATERLOO.

WATERLOO offers a range of solutions for integrating customers into the management of water meter data.

With one of our four solutions, it couldn’t
be easier for residents to self-report
their meter readings.

24h hotline

Residents can report their meter readings at any time using our fully automated, 24-hour hotline.


Readings can be reported at any time using our WATERLOO 365 App for Android and IOS. The app allows residents to attach a photo of the meter or to enter the data manually. In addition, it enables them to monitor their water consumption and compare it to other households.

Web form

Readings can be reported at any time via the web form. Residents can access the form by visiting www.splashy.io. Alternatively, they can simply scan the QR code when requested.


Readings can be reported at any time using our chatbot “Splashy”. “Splashy” can be accessed by residents at www.splashy.io or integrated into your municipality website.


Residents can continue to send their meter readings by post or to submit them in person. The request to provide a meter reading is sent on a fully automated basis at the beginning of each meter reading period.

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WATERLOO Management Centre.

Lying at the heart of the Waterloo system, the Management Centre compiles all of your meter data in a single location.

Manage all data easily and efficiently with
just a few clicks.

  • 100 % online – no special hardware necessary
  • Manage all WATERLOO modules
  • Modules and functions can be easily activated and deactivated as needed
  • Meets the highest security specifications
Take a look inside our Management Centre.

Meter inventory management

The meter inventory lists all meters at all stages of the lifecycle - whether not yet installed, currently in operation or already retired from the system. As a results, technicians on site can work more quickly and errors are precluded from the outset.

Manage all meters from a single location using just a few clicks.

  • 100 % online – no special hardware required
  • See how many meters are pending installation, are currently installed at residents’ properties or have already been exchanged
  • See at-a-glance the number of meters that should be ordered for meter exchanges in the next year
  • See all relevant meter data at a glance (calibration period, manufacturer, flow volume, etc.)
  • Increase efficiency in the installation process: only meters listed in the inventory can actually be installed, eliminating errors such as erroneous duplication, incorrect meter numbers and transposition of numbers

We offer support for and interfaces with a number of billing systems,
including but not limited to:

Unser Partner SIV
Unser Partner K5
Unser Partner Infoma
Unser Partner ÖKOM
Unser Partner komuna
Unser Partner Komdat
Unser Partner AKDB
Schnittstelle zu Verrechnungssystem DATEV
About 30% savings...

… has a municipality with 1000 water meter connections each year.

How much savings potential do you have in your municipality?

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Overview of available packages:
ProFor efficient water meter management PremiumHarnessing the power of residents for increases in efficiency
Everything you need for meter exchange and periodic replacement on a tablet
Technicians can take meter readings using a tablet
Checklists (according to the ÖNORM and DNORM standards) for on-site activities
Meter inventory management
Automated verification of data quality
Excel export
30+ interfaces available within the billing system
Everything you need to enable residents to self-report their meter readings:
WATERLOO 365, app for Android and iOS
www.zählerstand.io – the website for reporting meter readings
Fully automated hotline for the reporting of meter readings
Chatbot for residents
From 54 cents per meter per year From € 1.04  per meter per year
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Do your requirements exceed the comprehensive range of services offered by our existing packages?

Get in touch – we’d be happy to develop a tailored solution that meets your needs!

Included in every package:
Maintenance and updates

A solution that’s continuously adapted in line with your needs and requirements.

Professional support

Our experienced product advisors are there to help, whenever you need them.

As many users as you need

So all your employees can enjoy the benefits.

Real-time synchronisation

Wave goodbye to problems arising from discrepancies in data.

Export functionality

Data can be imported and exported as needed in all standard formats.

High-end security

Secure data transfer that meets the requirements of data protection law.

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