Behind every innovative product
is a powerful team.

Who's behind WATERLOO?

Our company philosophy


We develop our products and services exclusively in cooperation with our customers. Together, we forge the path from idea to market.
As a result, our customers receive genuine solutions offering maximum customer benefit. Our solutions are derived from practice, for practice.

In the twenty-first century, software must be fun and easy to operate and teach. Self-explanatory tools are the order of the day.
Some developers opt to take the easy route: developing complex solutions and charging large amounts of money for training. That’s never been our way. Instead, we work hard to ensure that our software is as user-friendly as possible.

We live in fascinating times. By harnessing the power of smart solutions, we can achieve amazing benefits for water providers everywhere.
Whether tablets, apps, voice solutions, chat solutions or state-of-the-art web applications: there’s never been a better time to digitalise. Against this background, we help water providers tackle the digitalisation process easily, quickly and in a way that yields true advantages.



Clemens Safron
Head of Business Development
Jelena Lukic
Markus Obmann-Krenn BA MA
Head of Support
Katja Onida
Customer Success
Martin Gärtner
Digital Sales Representative

+43 463 90 91 90

Henrik Mertens
Digital Sales Representative
Maria N. Wakounig
Marketing Managerin
Christina Obmann
Content Marketing Managerin
Michael Wirnsperger
Lukas Gollner
Armin Preiml
Niko Kuschnig
Lukas Ostertschnig
Tine Šimenc
Junior Developer