A straightforward, stress-free solution for self-reporting of meter readings

Do you make use of self-reporting schemes to collect meter data, but find the process to be less straightforward than you’d like? A small change might be all that’s needed.
The practice of requesting meter readings from residents via “reading cards” is widespread: around 85% of all water companies, municipalities and water associations in Germany and Austria use this form of meter data collection. The advantages are clear:


  • self-reporting schemes are easy to implement – only a printer is required, and technical complexity is minimal;
  •  self-reporting schemes are relatively cheap; and
  •  self-reporting schemes are a pillar in the relationship between resident and place.


But are there disadvantages, too?


Yes. Unfortunately, conventional self-reporting schemes have a number of drawbacks, including:


  • the quality of data can leave much to be desired, with up to 20% of readings incorrect;
  • many residents simply do not respond, meaning that technicians must be dispatched to read the meters or consumption must be estimated; and
  • data must be laboriously entered into the billing system by hand.


What if there were a simpler way?


Imagine a service that


  •  delivers more and, above all, better-quality meter data;
  •  costs less than you’ve been paying so far; and
  •  reduces your workload by at least 90 %.

Sold? Then allow us to introduce WATERLOO PRONTO: the digitalised full service for self-reporting!


The best bit of all is that for you, everything stays the same!

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How does it work?



  •  decide the start and end dates of your meter reading periods;
  •  upload your logo or municipal coat of arms;
  •  review the text on the reading card; and
  •  press START.


It’s that easy!


We’ll then…

  •  generate the reading cards;
  •  place them in envelopes, frank and send them
  •  provide 4 digital and 2 non-digital channels for reporting meter readings – because we want to meet residents where they feel most comfortable (more on that below);
  •  remind residents to send a reading;
  •  compile the data digitally;
  •  scan any reading cards that are submitted in person – in other words, customers can continue to use this option, but we’ll take the work out of it;
  •  check all data for plausibility;
  •  provide an import file that can be imported into your billing system in just a few seconds


PRONTO is available on an ALL-INCLUSIVE basis from 99 cents per metering point. Get a no-obligation quote today!


What’s the catch?


How can it be that a service for municipalities and water providers can be simultaneously so affordable and smart? Is it simply too good to be true? No. Here’s why:

  1.  PRONTO is underpinned by a best-in-class software product from Symvaro – one of which we can be rightly proud.
  2.  The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG has supported us in making this valuable service available to municipalities.
  3.  We see it as our duty to save water providers’ time and energy, leaving more time for what really matters!
  4.  Thanks to the high number of water providers who already use our solutions, we can innovate on a cost-efficient scale – and pass the savings on to you!


No catch.

No hidden risks.

No empty promises.

Simply, a fantastic service for water providers!


We’re proud to provide advantages for you


Here’s a quick round-up:

  1.  Up to 20% increase in response rate due to digital reporting channels 
  2.  Unparalleled data quality thanks to direct data recording
  3.  Up to 90% reduction in workload
  4.  End-to-end system including a confirmation of receipt for the resident
  5.  Flawless overview of readings received and pending
  6.  Considerable reduction in errors (and elimination of potential sources of errors)
  7.  Significant reduction in complaints and customer enquiries
  8.  Integration of residents through a broad range of digital facilities


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Asking residents to self-report meter readings has many advantages over the traditional practice of dispatching technicians to houses. Despite this, water providers are usually still required to manually enter data from returned reading cards into the billing system – a huge administrative workload, with a large number of potential errors. With WATERLOO PRONTO, all data is recorded digitally and fed directly into your billing system. As a result, workload is reduced by up to 90% and data quality is hugely increased!


Get a no-obligation quote for self-reporting with PRONTO – you’ll be surprised how affordable it can be!


We’re excited to begin saving your time, money – and sanity!




PS: Still have questions about PRONTO? Please get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

PPS: With PRONTO, residents can report their readings via…

  •  a 24-hour telephone hotline, free for residents to use
  •  a web form, which can be integrated into the water company website
  •  a chat window, which can pop up on the company website as desired
  •  a smartphone app for iPhone and Android, free for residents to use
  •  a QR code that leads directly to a personalised webpage
  •  a scan service for customers who prefer to submit their readings in person