WATERLOO revolutionises self-monitoring by water suppliers

At the time of publishing this post, the concept of “self-monitoring” is already five years old. That’s the same amount of time for which Symvaro has been working on its own simple, slick and smart solution for self-monitoring by water suppliers. Read on to find out more!


What needs are we trying to meet?

If you work for a water company, manage a water association or are responsible for water supply within a municipality, you’ll be familiar with the challenges associated with continuous monitoring of supply infrastructure. A range of administrative decrees requires you to:


  • monitor your sources and spring discharge;
  • inspect your elevated tanks;
  • document values for your UV systems;
  • maintain hydrants;
  • monitor waterworks valves;
  • and much more.


In short: if you are in Austria, you must satisfy the requirements of ÖNORM B 2539 / W 59; if you are in Germany, you must satisfy the requirements of the EÜV (Eigenüberwachungsverordnung) [Self-Monitoring Ordinance]. An extensive range of checks and inspections are prescribed by administrative decree. In addition, compliance with these self-monitoring regulations is verified by a five-yearly external inspection in accordance with water resources law. This means you not only shoulder a high level of responsibility, but have a considerable organisational workload to go with it.


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How has the solution come about?

Five years ago, our meter exchange app enjoyed its first successes; shortly afterwards, we began to work on solutions for user-reported readings and readings by technicians. This work culminated in the launch of WATERLOO, a highly successful product that has been recognised with multiple national and international awards.

Over the past five years, customers have often asked us about the possibility of extending WATERLOO to cover their self-monitoring obligations; specifically, to help them meet these obligations in the flexible, simple and time-saving manner they’ve come to know and love. Working together with water providers, we’ve invested five years in the further development of WATERLOO. Now, the time is right to forge ahead in collaboration with our water sector customers and create a unique solution for their needs. Even better: it’s planned to be available by the end of 2020!



What will it actually do?

What can WATERLOO do for your self-monitoring programme that an Excel file can’t? The benefits include:

  • complete management and assignment of administrative notices and decrees;
  • continuous monitoring of your supply infrastructure;
  • simple master data entry for water suppliers;
  • the option to adapt checklists to your wishes;
  • a smart app for on-site inspections;
  • a range of reports available at-a-glance;
  • all data for external inspections;
  • and much more.


Have other ideas or suggestions?



We need you!

Some of these features were things we things we thought of ourselves. Some were suggested by our customers. Now, we want to hear from you:

  • Do you want to stay informed about the product?
  • Are you interested in participating in the pilot scheme?
  • Would you like to actively contribute your ideas and needs?
  • Are you searching for a software product that does exactly what you need it to?

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2020 is a year is unlike any other. As the coronavirus crisis rages on, the enormously important role of water suppliers has once again been placed at the forefront. If water is our most important resource, we are the critical infrastructure that ensures a top-quality supply of it to every single household. This essential service requires protection and flawless maintenance. Our software can help.







Thank you for the work you do as a water supplier. We look forward to revolutionising your self-monitoring programme with you!



Experience the advantages of WATERLOO with a trial

How many of us would buy a car without taking it for a test drive? We believe that testing is indispensable – and our existing customers think so too. All of them tested WATERLOO, our software for digital water meter management, before committing to a purchase.

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Staff from the Municipality of Pressbaum recognised the benefits of the software from our product presentation and took the opportunity to begin a WATERLOO trial. Following comprehensive introductory training by our Sales Manager, Ewald Breidler, they used WATERLOO to carry out planned meter exchange jobs at a fire station, a kindergarten and a private household. As part of the training, Ewald gave useful tips about using the tablets to document the exchange. On this occasion – as is often the case – there wasn’t much for him to say:


“It took no time at all for the technicians to get to grips with the tablets and the software – it was like they’d never done anything else.”


“Testing never hurts!”

The municipality staff trialled the tablets for three weeks, after which the recorded data was exported to the billing system. Meter data from the retired and newly installed meters were made available to the accounting department for processing. Peter Gimplinger, an accountant for the municipal administration, was instantly impressed:

“I was particularly impressed by WATERLOO’s facility for documentation and can only recommend others to give it a go. Testing never hurts!”

Want to hear about Peter’s experiences first hand? Feel free to contact him directly on +432233 522 32-0 or at gemeinde@pressbaum.gv.at!


Interested in setting up a trial? Here’s how to do it:

  • If you’re interested in finding out more about our efficient digital solution for water meter management, our expert sales team will be happy to offer initial advice.
  • The next step is to agree a start date for a three-week trial. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a software trial agreement outlining the framework conditions.
  • You won’t be left to fend for yourself! At the start of the three weeks, our sales representatives will visit your municipality and deliver the software training on-site. You’ll receive a detailed overview of the WATERLOO system and can begin trialling the software with real or demo data instantly.
  • For the period of the trial, we’ll provide you with one tablet with the WATERLOO software free of charge. You can use this to easily and efficiently carry out up to 50 of your upcoming meter exchange jobs.
  • If questions arise during the period of the trial, our experienced team will be happy to assist you.


The advantages of a trial speak for themselves:

  • You get a detailed insight into how the WATERLOO software works
  • You can use the tablet to carry out up to 50 upcoming meter exchange jobs, free of charge and with no obligation
  • You have the chance to familiarise yourself with the practical application of WATERLOO and how it can make your work easier

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