23. December 2015

WATERLOO revolutionizes the water industry

We came, saw and gained a lot from the 2-week-long H2O Challenge , the accelerator program for innovative projects in the water industry held in Madrid.

But let’s start at the beginning: Symvaro was named as one of the top ten most promising start ups to revolutionize the water industry with its innovative technologies by an international judging panel of experts. This was a unique opportunity for Symvaro to present WATERLOO, our truly smart solution for the water sector, to a broad audience within the industry and to yet again help shape new international business networks.

A transformational experience

And that’s what the H2O Challenge 2015 was all about: Organized by one of Spain’s most internationally acclaimed educational institutions – the IE Business School – and Impact Hub Madrid, it was a melting pot for world class innovations and major investors. We had the opportunity to sharpen our managerial, sales and financial skills and co-create a solid strategic action plan at a global level. Our gain: successful workshops and a transformational experience!

We had access to an amazing network of mentors, professors and industry professionals from all over the world. CEO Rudolf Ball remembers:

“It was revolutionary to discuss the resource water from different vantage points with an international team, including people from USA, Russia, Botswana, Panama, Mexico, South Africa… and Austria.”

CEO Rudolf Ball at the demo day
CEO Rudolf Ball at the Demo Day!

The crowning glory: the Demo Day

The crowning glory of the event was the Demo Day on 4th of november 2015. All participating companies presented their solutions. The result: With our concept WATERLOO, Symvaro convinced an international jury and won the third price, just behind USA and Mexico. This paved us once again a promising milestone for international success.

Water will play an increasingly important role

In the future water will play an increasingly role for Symvaro. CEO Rudolf Ball knows exactly: “Water coming from Austria has an incredible quality. Let us be thankful for this! We must do everything possible to keep our water quality, develop and deal carefully with our ressource no. 1. Our knowledge about it is needed worldwide.”

Enough talk. Sit back and watch the video below:

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