15. August 2016

WATERLOO Day – it’s all about WATERLOO!

The Symvaro team spent a whole day working on the amazing product WATERLOO. The theme of this  extraordinary day was “Think Bigger”!

WATERLOO Day in 60 seconds!


What was it about?

By answering a variety of questions about our product WATERLOO and our company, we have created a whole host of new and exciting ideas that will keep us busy in the future. The integration of AMR and AMI into our product and SMARTMETERING will play an important role. In addition, numerous decisions were made to initiate the next steps on our promising path and reach our broadest goals. Such goals can only be achieved with a strong and motivated team. Through various team assignments and the permanent re-evaluation of the working groups, our team spirit was further strengthened.


The ideal prerequisites for this day were offered by the eduCARE seminar center in Treffen am Ossiachersee. Thanks to the excellent spatial as well as technical conditions, we were able to set our creativity free and create new ideas. We also enjoyed the excellent food during the lunch break, after which we continued to work even stronger.

All in all it was a promising day. Stay tuned for new WATERLOO features to come!

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