16. August 2017

WATERLOO 365 – My water meter & more

We offer water providers four different solutions to integrate their citizens into the management of water meters – now also via our app WATERLOO 365!

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One thing is clear: the number of smartphone users is growing steadily. More than 70% of smartphone-users have an iPhone, Android or similar device. In the 50+ generation, the trend towards smartphone ownership is also strongly increasing. Another fact is that water meter readings must be recorded. However, considerable costs may arise during the process.

Especially in small municipalities, the water meter reading period can be a major logistical challenge. Of course there are radio systems but those are quite expensive. Alternatively, read-out cards are sent to citizens. There are various ways for citizens to return the cards to their municipality or their water provider. However, their staff usually ends up typing the data from the cards into the billing system. But, there is a solution for this problem!

Meter reading via app

A meter reading via app offers many advantages for water suppliers, citizens and communities. Citizens can carry out meter readings themselves and transmit them quickly and easily to their water supplier. With this modern citizen service the data lands in the billing system without any detours. A meter readout via app eliminates having to make reading appointments as well as the stress all around the reading cards. Moreover, the direct transmission of the reading by means of text recognition ensures error-free data.

If citizens transmit their meter reading to the water provider via app, there are no open questions left – they receive an e-mail confirmation with the data of the transmission. After the transmission, there is no need to fill out further forms as the reported water levels flow directly into the billing system. An app saves water providers and citizens valuable time and nerves.

We have recognized the smartphone trend as well as the benefits of digitizing the water industry in time. Since 2011, we have been offering meter reading via our “Wasser App”. In 2016 in the city of Villach, one-third of all meter readings were transmitted via this app. But we wanted to go a step further and offer you a lot of additional functions and facilities. The WATERLOO 365 app is a unique service for your citizens created out of the demands of our customers, the water suppliers and the creative ideas of our development department.

The functions of WATERLOO 365 at one glance:

    • IOS (Apple) and Android App – Available for the two most popular mobile operating systems with a total market share of 96%!
    • Transmission by citizens – citizens can read and transmitt the meter reading themselves. As a water provider, you save time, nerves and costs.
    • QR-configuration – Citizens can set up their water meter conveniently via a QR code!
    • Comparative function – citizens can compare their water consumption with similar households, which strengthens the awareness of water!
    • Confirmations – The citizens receive a direct confirmation of the transmission by e-mail.
    • Plausibility check – The transferred data is checked permanently and automatically for its plausibility!
    • Photo-evidence – If the citizen uses the image recognition for the reading, a photo of the meter reading is also transmitted.
    • Text recognition – This avoids input errors by the citizen and first-class reading data!
    • News – Share news and images with your customers whenever you want!
    • Independence – Export your meter data at any time without delays in your billing system!
    • Editorial planning – On request, we regularly provide you with high-quality contributions to the topic of water.
    • Alarm function – Inform your customers of real-time events such as impurities!
    • Need for action – In the WATERLOO Management Center, questionable transmissions end up with a second critical look!
    • Synchronization – The app is connected to our meter exchange solution and automatically updates the meter status!


Download WATERLOO 365!


Citizens who have mobile phones with a different operating system or have not given into the smartphone-trend jet, do not have to go without the advantages of this app. These citizens can use the WATERLOO 365 as a web app at the following link: www.zählerstand.io


WATERLOO is the innovative water management solution around the water meter. Take a look at our product video to discover all the advantages of our solution!

You would also like to offer your citizens the possibility of a paperless water meter reading? Saving resources when reading the water meter as well as water metering is on your agenda? Contact us and request a non-binding offer!

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