Symvaro and Paul Scharner united for the environment

At the moment you’re surely wondering, what does a sharp IT company like Symvaro have in common with a football legend like Paul Scharner? But, take the skills, courage and passion of both sides and combine them together – you will witness a force able to change the world. Here’s a little more about how it all began…

When we think about a football legend like Paul Scharner, we think about a man who has already established a successful football career, who engaged in politics and sports as an unconventional thinker on one hand, and on the other hand a happy, loving father of a big family. After moving from Austria to Hamburg it didn’t take long before the classic construction problems arrived. When the time came to locate the water meter, it turned out it was positioned in a secluded shaft. The problem is – such side shafts are often difficult to access. Even a pro in sports reaches his limits in situations like this one, and wonders how to actually read the water meter.

Raising awareness for water consumption

As future-oriented lateral thinker and active Smartphone user, thinking about an innovative technology for the transmission of the water meter readings didn’t take him long.

“We live in a modern and mobile age in which we should take advantage of the technological progress, in particular to raise consciousness about natural and precious resources such as water. Because, let’s look the truth in the eye: No one knows how much water they consume per day, but almost everyone knows the precise fuel consumption amount of their car”, says Paul Scharner.

As a proud father of 4 children, Scharner is sure of one thing, “It is extremely important to have more insight into our daily water consumption in order to raise awareness for this most valuable resource.”

Intern and lateral thinker at Symvaro

Because of his education as a sports host, Paul found it even more important and urgent to dig deeper into water consumption issues. And where can you do that better, than at a company whose technological focus is in the field of waste and water. Together, the team of Symvaro and Paul Scharner want to make resources valuable and visible again. They will accomplish that goal, among other things, with the help of innovative solutions like WATERLOO – the perfect water management solution for all particularities around the water meter. With WATERLOO, small and big water providers can manage their workflow with only one tool. With the accompanying app, citizens can get insight into their daily water consumption and transmit data for water meter reading to their water providers easily, one button touch is all it takes.

Together with Paul Scharner, we at Symvaro have made it our goal to give natural resources their lost value back and to raise awareness for our No.1 nutrient, all that in cooperation with cities, municipalities, utilities and citizens. Symvaro rejoices about the promising future and exciting times with Paul Scharner to come.

You already have questions about our innovative water management solution WATERLOO? Contact us at and immediatelly simplify your entire business with this solution.

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