Why WATERLOO Pronto?

Relief of administration by up to 90% Massive fulfillment of the response rate Strong reduction of calls and complaints Perfect overview of the status of the reading Massive error reduction and elimination of error sources


These are the features that get our customers excited:

Data analysis and cleanup

You provide us the meter and customer data. We analyze and clean up as needed.

Design of the reading sheets

We design an individual reading sheet adapted to the corporate design of your municipality.

Smooth and fast shipment

We take over the printing of the sheets, print the envelope and take care of the shipping as well. 

Permanent check of data quality

The transmitted water meter data is permanently checked for plausibility in the WATERLOO system.

Evaluation and reporting

You can filter, evaluate and export the data according to several criteria as well as create reports.

Capture sheets via Express App

By means of image recognition via the Express App, all data from the reading sheet gets captured in seconds.

Digital transmission chanels for your citizens

Waterloo 365 App

With the app for iOS and Android devices, citizens can transmit meter readings and constantly monitor their water consumption.


Via the voice-controlled hotline, citizens can transmit the meter reading to you 24 hours a day, conveniently and at local rates.

Web forms

The website www.zählerstand.io offers quick and easy meter reading for citizens who haven’t fallen for the smartphone trend.


Meter data is captured in less than two minutes using Chatbot Splashy. The meter data will land directly in your billing system..

Non-digital transmission chanels for your citizen


Citizens can consign the meter reading personally in the municipal office.


The water meter reading transmission can still be done by a telephone call.

Via post-office

Your citizens can continue to return the reading sheet to you via mail.

Digitize both steps via the Express App

By means of image recognition via the Express App, all data from the reading sheet gets captured in seconds.


Workload reduction


With WATERLOO Pronto all working steps of self-reading can be reduced to zero:

  • the shipment is fully automatic,
  • the control of the data is taken over by our “need for action module” and
  • the data transfer to the billing system takes place within seconds via one of our 30 interfaces.

All data that is recorded digitally ends up directly in the billing system of the water supplier. There is no need to type in information anymore. Our customers report a workload reduction of the billing department by up to 90%!

Reduction of errors


Errors in the system – whether due the citizen or an administrative employee – usually lead to problems such as excessive bills, incorrect water balance and complaints. WATERLOO Pronto reduces and eliminates errors where they arise:

  • by making shipping fully automatic,
  • during data transmission through a permanent plausibility check,
  • when transferring data to the billing system through a digital interface.

By digitizing these three steps, errors are as proven by our customers, virtually eliminated. WATERLOO Pronto eliminates sources of error and provides you with unprecedented data quality.

Increase of the data quality


The reported water meter data is not always correct. Thus, an error rate of up to 10% can be assumed. With WATERLOO Pronto, the citizen has a lot of digital options at his disposal to transfer the meter reading directly to the water supplier:

  • WATERLOO 365 App for iOS and Android
  • Webform www.zählerstand.io
  • Fully automatic telephone hotline
  • WATERLOO Chatbot Splashy

In addition, an algorithm we call “need for action” continuously identifies implausible data records and allows the processor to correct the data. With every run of Pronto, data quality gets significantly increased.

Reduction of calls and complaints


Any complaint – whether justified or unfounded – will result in unnecessary work. This is greatly reduced by using WATERLOO Pronto:

  • digital meter data transmission provides a massive reduction of error sources and errors
  • all delivered meter data can be retrieved from the system at any time. This serves as the ideal evidence and incurance for the water supplier
  • citizens receive transmission confirmations (via e-mail, SMS, direct feedback) which leaves no questions unanswered

Calls from citizens asking whether the transmission was received now belong to the past. WATERLOO Pronto represents a great relief for the administration.

Increase in the return rate


The average response rate is around 70%, but with enormous fluctuation margins. This should be increased because:

  • the higher the number of confirmed meter readings by citizens, the more accurate the accounting can be made
  • number of downstream problems due to water consumptio estimates is lowered
  • workload of manual reading by your staff is reduced

Through our optimized reading sheet, the response rate is greatly increased and the citizens motivated to make the transmission digitaly. HERE you can find more tips on how to increase the response rate during self-reading periods.

Your PRONTO benefits

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Your digitizing readout sheet delivery service

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per meter point

This service includes the following benefits:

Data cleansing and analysis in advance

Individualized design of the reading sheet

Smooth shipment of the reading sheets including postage

All digital transmission channels for your citizens

App for capturing and digitizing reading sheets

Professional analysis and report on your reading period

Export to Excel

No typing: 30+ interfaces to billing systems

Coming soon:

The new app WATERLOO Express


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