The WATERLOO System helps you to manage
the complete lifecycle of your water meters.
Water meter exchange

In the most countries
it’s mandatory to exchange
water meters
every few years.

Replacing a large number of water meters with calibrated ones is a big administrative challenge. We help you to manage this job in the most powerful way!

  • Manage exchange tours for your staff
  • Simple mobile five-step exchange
  • Image recognition and QR code integration
  • Improve your data quality with every water
    meter exchange

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Water meter reading by staff

There are several ways
to conduct your water

Direct, via radio transmission walk or drive by, or any combination. We provide a professional solution to manage these readings in a smart way.

  • Manage reading tours
  • Manual reading and radio transmission
    walk by / drive by supported
  • Seamless integration into customer reading
  • 100 % manageable through the
    WATERLOO Management Center

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Water meter reading by a citizen

We offer you diverse platforms to integrate your citizen into the management of your water meter data.

They can use these four options to transfer their data into your Management Center:

  • WATERLOO 365 (iOS/Android)
  • WATERLOO Webservice
  • WATERLOO Hotline
  • WATERLOO Facebook Chatbot

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Management Center

The Management Center is the heart of the Waterloo System and collects all your different data in one place.

  • 100 % online – no extra hardware needed
  • Manage all WATERLOO modules
  • Easily activate / deactivate modules and
  • Meets the highest security standards

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Coming soon:
The new app WATERLOO Express


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