Mission UK – Symvaro goes Utility Week Live 2016

Utility Week Live is the UK’s biggest exhibition dedicated to the gas, electricity and water industries, connecting utilities to their suppliers, contractors and partners – it’s taking place on 17. and 18. May in Birmingham and we’re going to be there too!

The team of Symvaro decided the time is ripe to seize the opportunity and step on UK ground for the first time with the masterplan to conquer it with WATERLOO by our side as our strongest asset. On May the 17. and 18., we are taking part as exhibitors at the Utility Week in Birmingham and are excited to open this Pandora box full with opportunities. This event is a perfect occasion to be amongst the best from UK’s and international utilities, solution providers and industry leaders, to take a look at all those pioneers and leaders in the water industry, and to listen and learn from the inspiring speakers known for pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.

Because that is exactly what WATERLOO stands for, we are game changers and totally up to the challenge. We will disrupt the water industry, and make the world a little bit better, by providing a perfect tool designed to make all the worries of water suppliers go away and to raise awareness for water consumption and water scarcity, which are among the most important challenges of our time.

We wish our motivated and skilled team a lot of fun and success in this adventure as they will once more fight in the name of our most valuable resource – Water – this time in the UK, in the land of water dragons.

You want to learn more about WATERLOO or meet up at the Utility Week in Birmingham? Contact us at and get ready to fall in love with our perfect solution for water management.

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