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Why is Waterloo awesome?


Bring your processes into the mobile world. Manage the lifetime of your water meters online. Software the way it’s supposed to be: intuitively.


Build a stronger relationship to your clients with our solution. Give them an app, a web-portal, a hotline and connect with them in just one click.


It is easy to increase your efficiency at water meter reading and water meter exchange with our amazing solution for water utilities.


We regularly attend trade fairs, congresses and act as professional speakers on regional and international events. Meet us at an event of your choosing and learn everything about water meters and water meter reading in the digital age.

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Stories of our happy customers

„Our employees were immediately convinced that this system is a major help in the processing of the water meter exchange!“

Klaus Oberhuber
Market town Rum
Stories of our happy customers

„For me as the manager of the water utility Paternion, the practice-oriented solutions of WATERLOO make my everyday work way easier!”

Fredi Gailberger
Manager of the water utility Paternion
and chairman of the Carinthian water engineers
Stories of our happy customers

„WATERLOO not only helps the installers, it also simplifies the work of the administration employees“

Thomas Trad
Township Völkermarkt
Stories of our happy customers

„With the water meter exchange solution our processes have been optimized. WATERLOO in two words – Easy and efficient!“

Mario Haudej
Market town Eberndorf
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Waterloo is a great opportunity for water utilites to take the next step into the mobile age.

Implementing Waterloo allows water utilites to manage their business with one tool. It is easy to integrate citizens and raise awareness.

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